A night out in San Francisco

It was so nice to meet all of you.

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New kid on the block

My cousin just had a kid today. There still at the hospital.

Ya, I spoke to him today. He can’t wait to get home.

He offered to squeeze me a half a glass of beast milk.

I passed.

He’s looking forward to making new friends now that he’s out.

He’s unhappy about the eviction, but apparently he only had a nine month lease.

And it was getting crowded in his old place.

He’s also very surprised by how his mom looks like from the outside.

Apparently he didn’t know she also had a head and legs. He thought she was just round.

I told him that he has allot of aunties, uncles and family friends who are looking forward to meet him, but he asked me to hold off.

He plans to interview each one of them to decide which ones he intends to keep.

So heads up, there might be some layoffs.

I’m no expert on bribes, but I think if you send him a toy soon he’ll keep you on the short list.

The phone number

He told me a story that had me in tears.

One day,
He meets this incredibly beautiful woman at a festival.

They develop an instant connection and sit and chat for hours.

Then he gets her number and saves it on his phone.

The next day when he goes to a construction site for his job. He’s on the roof of this tall building His phone falls. It slides down the slanted roofing, off the roof, into an area that he can’t reach.

He is so distressed, because the phone number of the woman of his dreams is saved on that phone.

He explains to the construction team, why he needs that phone.

The men sympathize with him.

Then construction manager gets a huge crane and lowers a man down into the abyss where the phone had fallen. The man retrieves my friends phone.

He calls the woman that evening. They get together.
And they live happily ever after.

yada yada yada.

fiction: The coffee shop

The coffee shop was well lit up.  I sat near the door so I could bolt if the interview got akward. Sandra had warned me about this guy. Just keep your legs away from his reach.
He  walked in and I immediatly recognized him. His stomach hung over his belt line. His hat had a rim that darkened his eyes.

He scanned the room. I waved my hand at him.

He smiled and came over.

“Janet?” he said.

coffee part 2


Non-fiction: My first summer internship

During the summer before 9/11, I intern at Lawrence Livermore National Lab and was granted C-Clearance.

On the second Tuesday on the job, a Q-Clearance System Integration Engineer named Mike met with me and explained my assignment.

I was to build a real-time system with a graphical interface using Matlab software in four weeks and present the work to a team of engineers.

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Non-fiction: Helping a Homeless man

illustration 1

When I was 17, I moved to Los Angeles and lived in a one bedroom apartment with three other guys.

I lived of top roman noodles and peanut butter sandwiches.

One day, I rode my bike to the supermarket to get bread, peanut butter and jelly.

I ran into a homeless guy sitting outside of the store.

I regard homeless people as kind souls that society trampled upon.

The guy asked me if I could get him something to eat.

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Fiction: A Summer Job

1 newWhen school let out for spring break my dad helped me find a job so I could make some money to buy a video game system.

He gave me the phone number to a man named Walter Digsdy.

According to my dad, Walter Disgdy was looking for some help on his property.
I called Mr. Digsdy and he gave me his address.

The address was only 9 blocks away from my home.

I got on my bike and rode there.

It turned out that Mr. Digsdy’s property is a cemetery.

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