Hair is the day

I drove to the airport with a friend to pick up my mother.

I spotted her near the baggage claim.

She had a yellow bandana around her head with a net over her scalp.

I wondered what type of hairstyle she had this time.

I hugged her and introduced her to my friend.


During the drive home, I glanced into the rearview mirror and made eye contact.

We dropped my friend at his place an drove home.


The next morning, I noticed in her room she had two wigs laid on the table.

We sat outside and ate breakfast outside on the patio.

She had a net on her head that covered her hair style.

“What’s that on your head,” I said.






Road Trip



I got to know Michael and we hung out a few more times.

One day, Michael invited me for a road trip.

He understood my financial situation, so he offered to cover the cost of the car and hotels and all I needed to do was help drive the car.

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