A night out in San Francisco

It was so nice to meet all of you.

I had a wonderful time. I think I had 8 drinks, which officially makes me a mulevi.

But those were one too many. I’m good for the month.
But the side affects were real.
So, Kabu sorry for cursing you out. I deserved that slap. But please cut your nails.

Mark pole. I thought the bottle was made of plastic. But I once read that glass doesn’t cause any real nerve damage.
Francis , I didn’t realize that was you standing behind me. I hoped the nose is okay.

Leopord I thought the chair was make of plywood. My bad. I won’t be demonstrating that trick any more.

Festo just keep pressure on the wound, it should stop the bleeding.

Kabu and Mark as my witness, I didn’t intentionally run that woman over. I was just trying to park. Besides, She heard me honking.

As soon as you guys heal and find it in your heart to forgive me. let’s do it again.

Kabu and Mark, I got
Good news.
The woman with the thick unibrow who I pissed of at the bar when i asked her ‘who drew your eyebrow’ , and scared you guys away.

She gave me her number.

Jack pot.
Persistence pays off.

I gave her a call, but I believe it’s her brother who answered. They must be a close family.


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