The phone number

He told me a story that had me in tears.

One day,
He meets this incredibly beautiful woman at a festival.

They develop an instant connection and sit and chat for hours.

Then he gets her number and saves it on his phone.

The next day when he goes to a construction site for his job. He’s on the roof of this tall building His phone falls. It slides down the slanted roofing, off the roof, into an area that he can’t reach.

He is so distressed, because the phone number of the woman of his dreams is saved on that phone.

He explains to the construction team, why he needs that phone.

The men sympathize with him.

Then construction manager gets a huge crane and lowers a man down into the abyss where the phone had fallen. The man retrieves my friends phone.

He calls the woman that evening. They get together.
And they live happily ever after.

yada yada yada.


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