Fiction: A Summer Job

1 newWhen school let out for spring break my dad helped me find a job so I could make some money to buy a video game system.

He gave me the phone number to a man named Walter Digsdy.

According to my dad, Walter Disgdy was looking for some help on his property.
I called Mr. Digsdy and he gave me his address.

The address was only 9 blocks away from my home.

I got on my bike and rode there.

It turned out that Mr. Digsdy’s property is a cemetery.

2 new

As I rode past the main gate, I saw a man with a yellow full brimmed hat,  on my left side, watering the flowers in front of a tomb stone.

He looked at me.

I waved at him.

He wave back at me.

“Are you Mr. Digsdy?”, I asked

He shook his head and pointed at the small building at the top of the hill.

3 new

I kept riding my bike up the hill until I got to a small office.

The door was wide open.

Mr Digsdy sat at his desk.

The smoke from his cigarette filled the room as he talked on the phone.

He waved for me to sit down at a chair.

After his phone call, he asked me a few questions.

“What’s your name kid?” said Mr. Digsdy.

“Joseph. Sir?”

“how old are you Joseph?”

“I’m eleven. Sir?”

He offered to pay me 8 dollars an hour.

He handed me a camera and said, “all you’ve got to do kid , is keep an eye on the property.”

“If you see anything suspicious just take a picture and bring it back to the office.”

4 new

I started my job that same day.

I walked around the compound.

I took a few pictures of tombs and the trees to get use to the camera.

5 new

I made my way closer to the gated entrance.

I could see the man with the yellow full brimmed hat on his knees planting some more flowers.

I walked over towards him.
He looked up at me.

“what you planting?” I asked.

He pointed at the lilies.

Cool! I replied.

I discreetly took a picture of him.

He didn’t notice.

6 new

I stood there for a while and watched him dig the soil.

He didn’t seem interested in chatting so slowly I walked away.

After my first official patrol of the property, I went back to Mr. Digsdy’s office.

Mr. Digsby was standing near the window and smoking another cigarette.
He watched me walking into his office.

“how’s the first day going?”

“it’s cool, everything is okay.” I said.

“Did you see anything suspicious” said Mr. Digsby

“No! everything is in order, just the tombs and the trees, and your gardener” I replied.

“gardener?” Mr Digsby said.

He scratched his beard with his thumb while the cigarette dangled between his index and middle finger.

“ya, the one planting the flowers near the entrance”, I said.

His eyes squinted at me.

“I’m the only gardener here kid.”

“hmm. That’s strange” I said.

“Your seeing things kid”

“Well I took a picture of him”

I pulled out my camera and gave it to him.

He swiped through the pictures one by one.

Then he stopped and looked up at me.

“ I don’t see anybody in the pictures” said Digsdy.

7 new

I grabbed the camera out of Digsdy’s hands.

I quickly swiped through all the picture until I got to the one that was off balance.

I looked at the picture closely.

I saw the tomb stone, and the flowers.

But the picture was missing the man in the yellow full brimmed hat.

My eyes opened wide.

8 new

My heart started beating louder.

A ripple of chill ran down my arms and I felt my legs weaken.

I reached for the chair and plopped down.

“Are you okay kid”

“can you call my dad to pick me up.” I said.

“No problem kid.”

I must have passed out, because when my dad arrived, Mr Didsdy woke me up.

My dad tossed my bike into the back of his pickup truck.

9 new

As we were leaving the cemetery, I was afraid to look in the direction of the man with the yellow full brimmed hat.

After we drove past the gate of the cemetery, I got the courage to look out the back window of the pickup.

The man in the yellow full brimmed hat waved goodbye to me.

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