Poem: Grandpa’s memory

1. Short, careful, slow steps. I walked with him.
2. We took steps across the river stones together
3. Afraid of experiencing death ahead of his time
4. I extended to him my open palm to hold
5. His Fragile fingers grasped my hand in kind
6. Now these are memories that will last forever

1. Your body is here but your spirit is gone forever
2. The second best option is to become just like him
3. Where is your twin old man? are you one of a kind?
4. if I dig your grave and put your bones together.
5. Would you wrap me in your corpse or grab my hand and hold
6. Or close your casket and say, ”We’ve run out of time!”

1. Some people say, things get better with time
2. Then things would be better if you could live forever
3. But time is not something we can put on hold
4. I will not let go of the memories, never forget him
5. The memories of you remain within me, bonded together
6. You welcomed me to your home you were so very kind

1. A cracked man you re-assembled with words placed carefully and kind.
2. The glue of compassion fused my parts with the patience of time.
3. You helped me find all the scattered pieces and put them together.
4. Now I’m stronger and wiser and it’s you I thank forever
5. He Blew wisdom in my ear while lounging next to him.
6. All that knowledge of 98 years is a lot of information to hold.

1. I offered you my mind to mold, you planted insight for my brain to hold.
2. With delicate dialog never cold your responses were always so kind.
3. This is a better man in the mind because I spend time with him.
4. Our moments are the first stop if I ever traveled through time.
5. If I recover my belief in the divine then “he’s gone” won’t be forever.
6. In heaven, we could savor barbeque at Bo’s restaurant together.

1. Today, I came to your grave this november to spend time together.
2. Tell me whose next to die so I can know who to hold.
3. Your words defeated death and vibrate in my soul forever.
4. We are both black men but not one tribe, I’m a different kind.
5. I now see the one thing I can’t recover once it’s lost. Time!
6. What I missed in my father and grandfather I found in him.


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